McVities Milk Chocolate Hobnobs (205g / 7.23oz)

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McVities Milk Chocolate Hobnobs (205g / 7.23oz)

McVities Milk Chocolate Hob nobs are chunky, crunchy, oaty biscuits with one side covered with a smooth layer of milk chocolate. Since their launch in 1984, they have been extremely popular.  Theycan be satisfying and addictive as well! Full flavored, not overly sweet, they have a rich full grain taste and very satisfying texture.  Theycontain no artificial colors or flavors and no hydrogenated vegetable oil.  45% of their ingredients are oat and wholemeal making them a nutritious and healthy snack.  Milk Chocolate Hobnobs contains milk, soya and gluten and are suitable for vegetarians.  Get yours today!