Haywards Medium & Tangy Piccalill (400g / 14.1 oz)

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Haywards Medium & Tangy Piccalill (400g / 14.1 oz)


Haywards Piccalilli, also known as mustard pickle, is a tasty way to liven up your salads, sandwiches, baked potatoes, in fact any of your favorite hot and cold foods.  This tangy, flavorsome relish can be seen in the fridge in many UK households.  Contains 39% vegetables (cauliflower, onions and gherkins), hardly any fat and only 1% salt. Just the job for adding some flavor to a roast dinner, or spicing up a sandwich.  For a special treat, mix grated cheese with Haywards Piccalilli and wrap in pastry and bake.  Suitable for vegetarians.