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  • Ready Brek (450g / 15.87oz)

    Ready Brek

    Ready Brek Cereal (450g / 15.87oz)

    Ready Brek is packed full of nutritious oats which give an energy boost at breakfast time to help you do the things you like doing for longer.  Contains nothing but vitamins, minerals and 100% finely milled oats. Simply add hot milk, stir, and...

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  • Scotts Porage Oats (1kg / 2.2 lbs)


    Scotts Porage Oats (1kg / 2.2 lbs)

    Scott's Porage Oats have been milled in Scotland since 1880 and contain 100% rolled oats.  Each grain is carefully graded and selected so that only the best oats go into every pack.  Rolled thicker and gently kilned.  They can be...

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  • Weetabix Cereal 24 biscuits


    Weetabix Cereal 24 biscuits

    Weetabix is the UK's favorite breakfast cereal.  It  comes in the form of a thick, oval shaped biscuit and is made from wholegrain wheat and packed with fiber.  There are only 134 calories in your average two biscuit...

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