Try our British biscuits, and enjoy a different taste and texture. We have a collection of the very best are available. They make unusual and tasty gift ideas.

  • Jacobs Jaffa Cakes (147g / 5.3oz)


    Jacobs Jaffa Cakes (147g / 5.3oz)

    Jacobs Jaffa Cakes are a combination of light sponge cake, dark chocolate and a splendid orange bit of jam in the middle.  Voted their favorite snack by members of parliament.  Order your Jaffa Cakes today and find out for yourself what the...

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  • Jacobs Twiglets (150g / 5.3oz)


    Jacobs Twiglets (150g / 5.3oz)

    Twiglets are crunchy, nobbly, pretzel sticks impregnated with yeast extract.  They have been a staple in the British snack market for 80 years.  Looking like twigs, they are made with whole-wheat and the marmite gives them a slightly salty,...

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